This Wiki is to archive #mathchat discussions.
You can join it only if you are a chat moderator, however the discussion pages are open to all.

There are separate discussion pages, if you want to expand on your tweets or if you missed the discussions themselves.

If you want to get more involved (please do!), then visit the main #mathchat Wiki . Thank You!

The pages here are organized in two ways:

  1. by date of chat (year month day) & topic -- example: 2010.07.22 'Real' maths
  2. by chat number (three-digits) & topic -- example: 002 'Real' maths

The chat number pages contain both the Thursday and the follow-up Monday chats, together with resources or links mentioned during the discussions. You may find these pages more helpful! You should also use the discussion tabs on these pages if you want to continue the discussion, rather than the tabs on the individual 'raw' chat page.