Why I hate/love maths ... Bring a friend/enemy!
Preparatory questions and links:
Focusing questions:
If you love math, what is it you like about it? If you hate math, why?
Share a story which you think shaped your opinion of math.
For those of you who hate math, what can we do to make it more acceptable to you?
How do the opinions of society shape our own opinions of math?
Think about a time when you really enjoyed math. What were you doing?
Think about a time when you found math frustrating. What caused your difficulty?
How can we ensure that our students like math more?

(Provided by @DavidWees)

Does it worry you if people say "I am useless at maths" or "I was no good at maths"?
Why do you think people always have a strong opinion about maths but not so much about other subjects?
How would you feel if you had to take a maths test now? Did you know your blood pressure just increased?

(Provided by @ColinTGraham)

Reading recommendations:

The Math Gene by Keith Devlin

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