How can we engage non-Maths teachers and parents with maths?

Preparatory questions and links:

Focusing questions:
What do you see as the main "turn-offs" related to mathematics?
How much of a role does lack of knowledge or 'fear of exposure' play?
Is the introduction of technology or multi-media a solution, or is more needed?
What support do teaching colleagues need? Should we be teaching the mathematics for their subjects?
Does subject specialism from age 11 onwards create an 'aura of unapproachability' around mathematics?
Should we be teaching parents how to teach mathematics to pre-school or early-year children?
What effect does class or family background and/or ethnicity have on engagement with studying mathematics at higher levels?

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Useful Links:
"Daddy Says This New Math Is Crazy" from Harvard Family Research Project
The Education Revolution: Maths and Science Learning from Victorian Department of Education
Broadening the Conversation with Parents about Mathematics a podcast by Jack Dieckmann

(Provided by @ColinTGraham)

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