How do we get our students to become more reflective learners?
Preparatory questions and links:
Focusing questions:
What do you see as the essential components of reflective learning?
What is the difference between thinking during problem-solving and reflection?
How could you assess the effects of a reflective learning process?
What do you see as the differences between teaching critical thinking skills and encouraging reflective learning?
What age, do you think, would benefit most from being able to reflect on their learning?
What impact does reflective teaching practice have on our students, whether or not they are reflective learners?
Are reflective learning journals a good idea? Who gets to read them?
How much of the approaches suggested for adult reflective learning is adaptable for children?
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How can learning portfolios be used in the mathematics classroom?
How can we help students formulate attainable, specific goals in math? (not just "I want to get better in math")
What kinds of work samples should be included in a math portfolio to reflect growth?
What kinds of technological tools can be used to foster reflective thinking in young children?(eg videos, Fotobabble, etc) (For example, Fotobabble allows students to comment on a picture. They could take a picture of a mathematical representation/model and explain it)
Are blogs a sustainable way to foster reflective thinking in mathematics?
Do our math curriculums even provide time and flexibility for reflective learning or is it still mostly rote memorization?
How do we model reflective learning?
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Useful Links:
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development - summary of Reflective Learning
Keeping a reflective learning journal CPD Journal or Skills for OU Study
Reflective learning and learning styles Training for General Practioners
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