What maths should be in a curriculum that every adult should know or be able to do?

Preparatory questions and links:

Focusing questions:
What do you areas of maths do you feel are absolutely essential on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?
What maths do you think you will never use personally (teaching doesn't count here!)?
What methods or approaches have to be considered when designing an adult curriculum?
Would you build in any kind of assessment if adults are not going to take a final examination?
What pre-existing curricula would you consider adapting, or would you just design from scratch?
Do you think parents would benefit from knowing how to teach the basics of mathematics? How?
Our existing curriculum is designed with Calculus as the top course in high school. Is this true? If so, is it appropriate?

(Provided by @ColinTGraham)

Useful Links:
Explore adult learning http://www.exploreadultlearning.co.uk/how-improve-adult-numeracy-skills.html
Functional Skills Support Programme http://www.fssupport.org/resources?audience=All&rtype=All&source=All&tag=312

(Provided by @ColinTGraham)

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